The institute has well equipped Physiotherapy & Optometry Clinics.
In the physiotherapy Clinic outside patients are treated for the problems of orthopedic, neurological, post operative, sports injury, other injury or any kind of arthritic pain.
The Optometry Clinic is also provided with all sorts of modern equipment required for a clinic and outside patients with eye related problems are treated here.
In our clinics, as average of yearly 7000 patents is successfully treated.
Hence, our students get an opportunity for their extensive practical experience and at the same time the common people of the society are equally benefited.


Spacious, well ventilated, disturbance free and wide corridors


Anatomy, Physiology, Therapy, Electro therapy, Computer, Physics


Seperate hostel facilities for Girls & Boys Within College Campus


Physiotherapy & Optometry Clinics faciliteis are available for paitents


Canteen for Hostel Boarders with a spacious dinning hall of about fifty seats


Eminent authors and journals & magazines are readily available

Internet Lab

State-of-the-art Internet enabled Computer Laboratory Facilities

Anti Ragging

Suspension, Rustication, Expulsion, FIR, Prosecution, Arrest