For Students

I am confident that successful pupils of this institute will be competent enough to face and overcome the hurdles and challenges of these modern healthcare fields and will thus bear the torch of success towards a brighter day.

our institute is running a highly specialised physiotherapy clinic , an eye clinic and pathology clinic with sophisticated equipments which are beneficial for our students and also for the common people of the society.

My best wishes are for the students and the guardians who have entrusted faith on us.


Core Value


Our College puts stress on both quality and quantity supported by our dedicated faculty & guest lectures, Seminars and workshops are arranged frequently by eminent personalities of the industry. The students benefit directly from the professional environment in which they study and live.


Paramedical college started its journey with a mission in 2002. The institute is situated on a 10 acre evergreen campus with a homely environment and is approximately 160 kms away form Kolkata.


Paramedical college is fully geared to meet the challenge and demand of professionals, by gradually reducing the gap between the demand and supply, by continuously producing top grade specialists. The college is gradually carving a niche for itself and it is not compromising the quality.


Our aim is to create an individual Smart enough to face any challenge on the way. This innate skill will help them to pursue their dream career. They need to get prepared for their job to have a prosperous future in this digital world.


We create different arenas to make our students get to experience and improve themselves. Through the different experiences in life, we give a strong foundation to the character of our students and thus they are able to choose the best road to life. Experience is the best teacher and it teaches them the art of learning and living.


We help the genius to sharpen their intellect and become more productive and extraordinary. We help them to brush up their talent nad create the things that no one else has thought of. We help them to become more reliable and organized. We help to Quench inquistive mind of a genius and fill their imagination with reality. Our aim is to help the genius to persue their dream consistently and get a well established and inspiring career.